A note about your two tests.

The Knowledge Test

You will be tested twice by the FAA on your way to your Private Pilot License or Sport Pilot License (pilots refer to these pilot licenses as certificates; we cover this in the FAQ section of this website). There will be the FAA Knowledge Test and the FAA Practical Test. The Knowledge Test, also called the written test, is taken first. It is a 60-question multiple choice exam (40 questions for Sport Pilots). Of course, the subject matter for this test is covered in this app, and we give you tips to use in the test. There are countless products on the market to prep you for this test. These are simply aimed at helping you memorize questions and answers that often appear on the test. We think actually understanding the material should be your primary focus. But there is some value in being familiar with the FAA’s testing methods, so we will give you one of these prep products free. Just tap the “Useful Items” tab of this website.

The Practical Test

There are no shortcuts when you get to your Practical Test. Your Practical is the major step you must complete to become a Private Pilot or Sport Pilot. MySkyForce has the information you will need to pass the Practical Test, often times called the check ride or flight test. The first part of the Practical Test is an oral exam, which requires you to be able to discuss a wide range of complex subjects during a question and answer session with your examiner. It demands a much greater depth of knowledge than what is required for the written Knowledge Test. MySkyForce will give you this understanding.

The second part of the Practical Test requires you to fly an airplane, successfully completing specific maneuvers while demonstrating both competency behind the controls and sound decision making processes. MySkyForce will give you great insight into how to actually fly. So don’t confuse us with the Knowledge Test prep products that simply offer memorization practice for the written test questions. Your Practical Test, your check ride, will be far more than circling a memorized answer. You will need to thoroughly understand the information so you can first verbally explain it and then demonstrate it in the air. Becoming a skilled pilot is your goal, and MySkyForce will guide you through that process and into a lifetime of good flights.