MySkyForce - Instructors" CFIs Page

The MySkyForce Lean to Fly app for Private Pilots and Sport Pilots is designed to be a complete one-source instructionally-sound ground training course which delivers training in the way today’s students prefer to learn.

MySkyForce meets Part 61 and Part 141 requirements and is recommended to students by Flight Schools and CFIs. The course is delivered on mobile devices, and no Internet access is needed after the initial download; so the training goes wherever the student goes.

Advantages to schools and instructors using MySkyForce:

  • Instructors spend less time at the white board and more time in the cockpit as MySkyForce students are well prepared for their flight lessons
  • Students are more apt to choose flight schools that use contemporary training methods
  • More content at less cost results in students having more money available for flight hours
  • Students have more opportunity to direct their own ground study because MySkyForce offers solid instructional design, uses a building block learning approach and provides self-testing. The result is a confident, competent student sitting next to the CFI in the cockpit.
  • MySkyForce provides instructor tools for guiding and evaluating student progress, whether they are in a classroom setting or one-on-one

CFI Tools (on this website Useful Items tab):

  • MySkyForce syllabus includes scheduling, objectives for student learning, assignments, lesson content, student exercises and evaluation recommendations (instructors or students can access the syllabus)
  • Thorough tests follow each module of study (CFI use only)