Our Chief CFI

My name is Scott Krogh. I am a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI, CFII, MEI), and I have been flying and training pilots almost half my life.

I will speak to you as I have spoken to the hundreds of students I have worked with, in a conversational language that is easily understood. I will serve as your coach helping you reach your aviation goals and then serve as a resource as you enjoy years of flying.

Prior to working on the development of this app, I served as the FAA Part 141 Assistant Chief Instructor/EASA Deputy Chief Flight Instructor and Safety Officer for one of the world’s largest flight training organizations. Our job was to take students, most of whom had never flown before, and make them airline pilots.


A few of my students

Flying with hundreds of students, as both an instructor and examiner, I saw what works and what doesn’t work in flight training. And I was able to identify common areas where many students needed some extra help.

It was my job then to identify the students’ problem areas and correct them. I want to convey information to you now in a way that prevents you from developing problems. And, if you have already acquired a few bad habits that are inhibiting your progress as a pilot; I am sure they can be solved using this app.

Let’s get started!